Garage Door Springs

CD Doors is Columbus, Ohio is the best in town for garage door springs service and installation!


You can rely on CD Doors for all of your garage door spring replacements, repairs and replacements throughout the Columbus, Ohio area. We’re your trusted garage technicians that can help you get the job done correctly from start to finish. Garage doors are very complex machines and it takes a special kind of person to take on these repairs properly. We use only high quality springs that stand up for over 20 years even under extreme weather conditions. Our local technicians are factory trained in the latest techniques for repairing your door no matter what kind of problem you may be experiencing in one way or another.

Why Are New Garage Door Springs Essential?

The garage door spring is an essential component to any garage door system. Garage doors require a tremendous amount of weight to be lifted and kept in an upright position, which is why they have springs. Garage door springs counteract the force of gravity to ease the process of opening or closing your garage door. Springs are kept under constant tension to help reduce the weight of the garage door, making it easier for mechanical or manual opening and closing. However, this constant strain takes a toll on the springs, and over time, they may become worn down. When this happens, it is essential to contact your team of professional garage door technicians from CD Doors. Our team can diagnose and solve your issue with exceptional garage door spring replacement services.